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    Shenzhen Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd., established on October 28, 1985 is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and is the enterprise legal person integrating industry and trade and assuming sole responsibility for its profits or losses.

    The Company is engaged in the foreign trade and domestic trade business of all kinds of ships, marine equipment, ocean engineering, pressure vessels and other various types of metal structure engineering, and specializes in the products agent of Miller welding machine and AlcoTec aluminum alloy welding wire of the United States, as well as the import and export business of household electrical appliances, chemical products, textile machinery, clothing and other non-marine products. The Company invests in the property management and sets up industrial projects, conducts independent production and sales of car models and ship models, undertakes environmental protection engineering and steel structure engineering, and involves in the management and agent of all kinds of domestic and foreign advanced products and technologies, including system integration of computer software and hardware, industry agent of data collection, analysis, testing instrument and meter, centralized purchasing of electronic components, PCBA board design, OEM business, etc.

    Since the opening of the company on October 28, 1985, the scale of operation is gradually expanded, and many kinds of vessels and various types of mechanical and electrical products having been exported to Europe, America, Africa, Oceania, southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao regions. The Company has established good cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign businessmen, receiving the high praise from customers.


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